Sparrow/Starling Bird Houses

Sparrow/Starling Bird Houses

We have designed and built these delightful birdhouses for sparrows and starlings. Place under an eave or somewhere sheltered not in the open if you would like birds to move in and set up house.

Height 24cm
Width 28cm
Depth 24 cm

Circular hole 5cm

Nest is not included, decorative only.


I have made only one of each design, please select at check out.

"It would appear that with the growing popularity of back yard bird feeding, in New Zealand, these birds are finding most of their requirements such as feed, water, shelter are being met and are prepared, on some occasions, to compromise on the nesting situation.
Many introduced birds will use nest boxes. 

The most well known introduced bird to use nesting boxes is probably the Starling. These birds have been encouraged to use boxes, since their introduction in 1862, by farmers who hoped wanted the numbers to build up to help combat grass grubs and other insects. Starling boxes need a 42mm entrance hole. This allows them access but stops Myna birds (also members of the Starling family) who will take over a nest, destroy the eggs and use it for themselves.

The common House Sparrow is often overlooked when it comes to providing nesting boxes. In the past many of these nested under house eaves but with different building techniques and designs many of these little nooks and crannies have disappeared leaving sparrows without favourable nesting spaces." Sourced from NZ Backyard Birds

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