Blackwood Reusable, double sided crackers

Blackwood Design started making reusable crackers years ago. Our range now has grown to include original Blackwood Designs, this year featuring Vintage Dogs and Marjorie's Caravan.

All our crackers are made in my studio in Tai Tapu, using recycled inners from our fabric rolls. We continue to be the most competitive reusable cracker on the market, as each cracker is double-sided therefore offering the client two design options for their table setting. I have made a video about this unique feature, you can click on it on the above menu. I made a conscious decision not to attach the ribbon, as this is the cheapest part of the cracker to change to create a whole new colour combination, for your table setting

Our crackers can be used for Christmas, mid-winter Christmas, Easter, birthday parties, anniversaries and weddings

Our crackers come unfilled, we hope you enjoy choosing plastic-free gifts for inside, and perhaps do away with the traditional throw-away hats which can be replaced with Christmas glasses that can be reused year after year. I continue to use Sophie Allport fabrics from the Uk as she has a gorgeous range of pheasants, stags, ducks, cats and dogs which add a lovely addition to our cracker range.

We do create custom sets for clients but not through the months of October to March as we are too busy with Fetes and rural shows.